26 January 2010

oh, topshop. how i wish you had more US locations...

so, it's been two days now, and i've narrowed down my list of top shop needs. so many tabs were open, and many tabs have since been closed. here's what i've narrowed it down to:

$110 worth of fringe and studs, glaaaaamourous:

another item i need a yatch for to wear it on:

i don't wear many straight t-shirts, but this one i would definitely go for:

mmm high waisted, looks like it won't be super short:

i can't decide how well a satchel will work with my bike, but i want it none the less:

i have to say it was the terrific colors that got me on this one:

this one looks so classic, i love:

this looks comfy, and i love comfort:

i normally am against anything but simple jeans, but something about these make me want:

i enjoy the british differences in clothing names. like trousers for jeans and jumpers for sweaters and other things that i would never call a jumper. someone find me a high paying job.

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