25 February 2010


i want to thank my roommate for putting up with my random outburst of "IT'SSS SNOWOWOWWWWWINGNGNGGG!!!?!?!!!???!!" during our photo shoot in the snow Tuesday afternoon. Skipping class to take advantage of a once in a lifetime Austin snow day to have adventures and stop by Round Rock Donuts is definitely worth it. Here's some shots from that day:

SNOW!!!! in hair

me in the SNOW!?!

erica's dress tangles in the thorn vines =(

it was very cold.

close up of erica.

I don't know why I get so excited about the snow. It's not like I've never been exposed to it. I've been on many ski trips, but there's just something so exciting about it happening here in Austin, probably because it's not supposed to happen. I am a big fan of rule breaking. SO. TERRIBLY. EXCITING.

on to other things...I also really enjoying changing up my hair color and getting it cut. I have had every natural color and even a few crazy ones thrown in there too. I found a picture of a hair color that I want want want:

this i want, 
but i'm not sure how much more bleaching my hair could take.



so, not much homework has gotten done, but some photo editing has. here are some pictures of ziggy doing her new trick, and being awesome.

HEY ZIGGY. who likes to party?!

the zig does!!

you can see a picture of the original meme here

AND finally:
falling snow from the front porch! 
the flakes were so big.

19 February 2010

photos of late.

ziggy dog gnawing on her donkey

me and the fred boy.

homemade thai tofu stir fry.

matt and his mexican/thai stir fry.

me caught chompin on erica's homemade chocolate dipped strawberries.

my roommate, erica, again, and her bunny, benny, dressed to impress.

17 February 2010


i've been trying to write a new post for a while now and either a) i can't get the layout to look right or b) i get blogger's block and either way i get angry and save what i've got and give up. it's become very frustrating, and it makes me want to start a new type of blog. so far i've come up with:

- a photo blog of homeless people around austin
  • would probably cost me a lot of cigarettes and/or dollars
  • how do i even know if they're actually homeless?
  • may capture some creative money-getting slogans
- a photo blog of people who i find interesting around austin
  • probably has been done 203948320 times already
  • i need to put my new camera to use
  • i need to get over my fear of asking to photograph strangers
i can't really write a humor blog, because i'm not humorous, and i don't just want to go on blogging about my day, because i can't see that being very interesting.

any ideas? what do you want?

a brief interesting austinite blog preview:

this is my roommate, erica.
she has great style which is nice since i'm not scared to take her picture.
she has a blog too;
it's called cookie soup,
and you should try it out.