31 January 2011

the world's on fire.

i've felt really unsettled the past two days.
maybe it's the fact that i'm graduating soon and have no idea what i'm going to do next.
maybe it's the fact that i'm missing a certain someone more than i'd like to admit.
maybe because for the first time in a long time i've done something i'm not very proud of and won't be admitting it to anyone anytime soon.

14 January 2011

"you know, allison. i just... i... i... i just..."

"what? ... what is it?"

"[...] just know i think about you."

13 January 2011


"never be bullied into silence.

never allow yourself to be made a victim.

accept no one's definition of your life.

define yourself."

i stumble upon these words on a blog about overweight girls getting healthy and fit, but i feel like it could be used in many different contexts.
i really like the third line.
i wish more people could hear that.