29 November 2010


i think photobooth was created for the vain. it's fun to take pictures of yourself, i'll admit. i just have no desire to upload them to facebook, so you get them fellow bloggers. someone has to see how hip and beautiful i can be. that or you can at least admire the variety of hair colors i've had.

old house.


old house, admittedly looking like a hipster.

the best morning after make up i've ever had,
lips stained red, eyes still lined black.

sweet dragon neck tat.

my head looks like a tree changing colors for the fall.

i find this awkward.

before heading to hannah's sister's surprise party;
it was beautiful outside.

i FINALLY cleaned my room after about a month of gross. 

night one of halloween,
working on my zombie make up.

i don't remember taking this,
but i look really peaceful, and i like it.

homemade baked chicken salad, noms.

i don't remember exactly why i was dressed up.

pomegranates are delicious and beautiful albeit hard to eat. 

28 November 2010

in love

a reason to learn french? beautiful woman with beautiful voice singing beautiful long.

coeur de pirate
"pirate heart"

06 September 2010

songs of the day.

"now that you're out of my life, i'm so much better."

"don't you feel like a champion now?"

09 July 2010

a lot of songs i used to relate to don't seem to apply anymore.

i think it's part of growing up.

i know i'll see you again, whether far or soon.

you always come back again.

03 June 2010

11 May 2010

worth the wait.

while blog hopping instead of final paper writing, i stumbled across a gold mine. mainly of shoes, really cheap shoes that you can find at places like urban, forever and modcloth, but only for a fraction of the price. SERIOUSLY.

for example:



i can't wait to buy thiiingsss.

20 April 2010

summer's almost here.

i'm so ready for summer. laying out by the creek, floating the rivers. there has been SO MUCH rain. i just can't wait for the heat. here are some of my favorite suits:


it's velvet, VELVET.


the tan lines would be interesting,
but i have always craved a crocheted suit.

11 April 2010

'people are just people, they shouldn't make you nervous.'

or anything else for that matter.

sometimes people, they just suck,
but i realize, as a person, i just suck sometimes too.

i'm sorry if i've ever sucked to you.

i wish i could read minds.

[immortal bird by brooke shaden]