29 November 2010


i think photobooth was created for the vain. it's fun to take pictures of yourself, i'll admit. i just have no desire to upload them to facebook, so you get them fellow bloggers. someone has to see how hip and beautiful i can be. that or you can at least admire the variety of hair colors i've had.

old house.


old house, admittedly looking like a hipster.

the best morning after make up i've ever had,
lips stained red, eyes still lined black.

sweet dragon neck tat.

my head looks like a tree changing colors for the fall.

i find this awkward.

before heading to hannah's sister's surprise party;
it was beautiful outside.

i FINALLY cleaned my room after about a month of gross. 

night one of halloween,
working on my zombie make up.

i don't remember taking this,
but i look really peaceful, and i like it.

homemade baked chicken salad, noms.

i don't remember exactly why i was dressed up.

pomegranates are delicious and beautiful albeit hard to eat. 

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