28 January 2010

how expensive are greeting cards anyway?

If you haven't checked out the Sleep Talkin' Man, you should. I think it's as close to raw humor as you can get. A British man's American wife has graciously started recording his mid-dream rants and posting them online for the enjoyment of us all. Now complete with the audio recordings and a site for purchasing merch clad with Adam's dream speak, they've turned his midnight ramblings into money makers. I wish I had such a talent. ANYWAY, the thing that caught my eye is the recently released line of Antivalentine's Day cards. A perfect way to trick your loved ones on this upcoming holiday straight from a stranger's dreams. Very simple and to the point. Here are a few of my favorites:

There are more jewels at the link above. I think I might have to purchase a few, they're just too good.

26 January 2010

oh, topshop. how i wish you had more US locations...

so, it's been two days now, and i've narrowed down my list of top shop needs. so many tabs were open, and many tabs have since been closed. here's what i've narrowed it down to:

$110 worth of fringe and studs, glaaaaamourous:

another item i need a yatch for to wear it on:

i don't wear many straight t-shirts, but this one i would definitely go for:

mmm high waisted, looks like it won't be super short:

i can't decide how well a satchel will work with my bike, but i want it none the less:

i have to say it was the terrific colors that got me on this one:

this one looks so classic, i love:

this looks comfy, and i love comfort:

i normally am against anything but simple jeans, but something about these make me want:

i enjoy the british differences in clothing names. like trousers for jeans and jumpers for sweaters and other things that i would never call a jumper. someone find me a high paying job.

20 January 2010


i think i was born with the travel bug crawling around in my brain.
i want to go, go, go.

study abroad? i have been dying to do an exchange program. it would benefit me the most to go to a spanish speaking country, since that's one of my majors, but i could just as easily go somewhere else AWESOME:

uppsala, sweden
super expensive to live in sweden


brighton, england
to be with my swedish lady loves!

new zealand
so much to do!

someone give me infinite amounts of living expenses...

14 January 2010

animal inspired.

there's something so eerily great about these pieces. most of them are made from casts of actual skulls, and some of the bone resin ones appear incredibly lifelike. plus, relatively inexpensive! WANT!

also, i've been wanting a serpent arm band for forever. all the ones i can find that aren't super expensive don't really fit the bill. all the ones i find i want are relics, literally. i wish i could go back to a former life where i was a queen and owned all of these:

two above from Exotic India

and finally, i ran across these babies. as the description states "The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol often representing eternity, infinity, and the cyclical nature of the universe. It is a perfect representation of the ideals of marriage." i think it would be a great non-traditional, but really ancient, choice for wedding rings:

p.s. not quite animal inspired, but you should check out triskaidekaphobia. eery like the first site, but without the animal inspiration. plus, they have a necklace that reminds me of alice in wonderland which is a huge plus:

12 January 2010


i'd like to post more about these later,
but i'm super tired.

i was browsing etsy for handmade goodies,
and these all caught my eye,
have a look!


what caught my eye:

i wish i could live in a place where everyone dressed like this:

the boudoir queen

this is just so classy and pretty, just pretty:


the top on makes me want to be on a sailboat:

Desira Pesta

so simple, but so pretty:


please, give me a reason to wear one of these?! i want to go to a masquerade ball:

Kenn Osborne

i feel comfortable just look at these:


mmm soo good.


11 January 2010

valentine's gift?!

today i was asked by my boyfriend what i would like for valentine's day...
shoes please?

from modcloth

previous three from urban

previous three found on etsy

want want want.

07 January 2010


so for a while now i've been thinking about really hard lace up buckled sexy almost combat boots. a friend of mine picked up a great pair at forever 21 but of course they don't have them anymore. well after searching the internets, this is what i've come up with...

these babies are sweet. jeffrey campbell makes some spectacular shit.
from shopbop.com

then i see the same thing at urban, but the buckles seem to be different shades? they are also jeffrey campbell's. i can't decide if it's just the photograph or what, but i think i like it even better. anyway they're cheaper than the ones above. hooray sales!
from urban outfitters

those are both a little pricey though, although i could convince myself it's worth it if i can't find anything else...

forever has a less expensive and clearly less exciting version:

they get the point across, but still they aren't exactly what i had in mind to begin with...

these aren't at all what i'm envisioning, but i couldn't leave them out because i want them too.
from forever 21 as well.

finally after searching for a while, i run into these babies:

i could swear these are the  M.I.A. ones my friend has from forever, BUT there's something i notice that makes me want them even more. they are closed toed. i know that the peep toe is sexy whatever, but i hate not being able to wear tights because the stupid seam will stick out the end [which bothers me to no end]. success...now do i have $60 to spend? i forgot to mention, these are from dollhouse.