07 January 2010


so for a while now i've been thinking about really hard lace up buckled sexy almost combat boots. a friend of mine picked up a great pair at forever 21 but of course they don't have them anymore. well after searching the internets, this is what i've come up with...

these babies are sweet. jeffrey campbell makes some spectacular shit.
from shopbop.com

then i see the same thing at urban, but the buckles seem to be different shades? they are also jeffrey campbell's. i can't decide if it's just the photograph or what, but i think i like it even better. anyway they're cheaper than the ones above. hooray sales!
from urban outfitters

those are both a little pricey though, although i could convince myself it's worth it if i can't find anything else...

forever has a less expensive and clearly less exciting version:

they get the point across, but still they aren't exactly what i had in mind to begin with...

these aren't at all what i'm envisioning, but i couldn't leave them out because i want them too.
from forever 21 as well.

finally after searching for a while, i run into these babies:

i could swear these are the  M.I.A. ones my friend has from forever, BUT there's something i notice that makes me want them even more. they are closed toed. i know that the peep toe is sexy whatever, but i hate not being able to wear tights because the stupid seam will stick out the end [which bothers me to no end]. success...now do i have $60 to spend? i forgot to mention, these are from dollhouse.

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