14 January 2010

animal inspired.

there's something so eerily great about these pieces. most of them are made from casts of actual skulls, and some of the bone resin ones appear incredibly lifelike. plus, relatively inexpensive! WANT!

also, i've been wanting a serpent arm band for forever. all the ones i can find that aren't super expensive don't really fit the bill. all the ones i find i want are relics, literally. i wish i could go back to a former life where i was a queen and owned all of these:

two above from Exotic India

and finally, i ran across these babies. as the description states "The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol often representing eternity, infinity, and the cyclical nature of the universe. It is a perfect representation of the ideals of marriage." i think it would be a great non-traditional, but really ancient, choice for wedding rings:

p.s. not quite animal inspired, but you should check out triskaidekaphobia. eery like the first site, but without the animal inspiration. plus, they have a necklace that reminds me of alice in wonderland which is a huge plus:

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