17 February 2010


i've been trying to write a new post for a while now and either a) i can't get the layout to look right or b) i get blogger's block and either way i get angry and save what i've got and give up. it's become very frustrating, and it makes me want to start a new type of blog. so far i've come up with:

- a photo blog of homeless people around austin
  • would probably cost me a lot of cigarettes and/or dollars
  • how do i even know if they're actually homeless?
  • may capture some creative money-getting slogans
- a photo blog of people who i find interesting around austin
  • probably has been done 203948320 times already
  • i need to put my new camera to use
  • i need to get over my fear of asking to photograph strangers
i can't really write a humor blog, because i'm not humorous, and i don't just want to go on blogging about my day, because i can't see that being very interesting.

any ideas? what do you want?

a brief interesting austinite blog preview:

this is my roommate, erica.
she has great style which is nice since i'm not scared to take her picture.
she has a blog too;
it's called cookie soup,
and you should try it out.


  1. My mom had those gray/tan slouch boots when I was a baby in the '80s.

  2. Oh wait. There was a question in your blog. I think random posts of things you are thinking about would be nice. It's so hard to stick to a theme! So just post pictures and paragraphs of whatever is amusing you atm. Maybe a theme will turn up. Mmm, turnips...