05 April 2010

feel free to ignore the rant.

i can't really find the words to describe how i'm feeling today,
but i can tell you how the day is going and that might explain it.

well, first off, i was late to school at 12 after waking up before 10.
i almost road into a busy intersection and ran over another biker.
i am wearing a hood for no reason, and sunglasses, even while inside.
i am very hungry but have to suffice with drinking free starbuck's green tea and eating free chipotle chips.
i so far my ipod has only shuffled to songs to the tune of toxicity by system of a down, and loser by beck.
i finally got around to researching exchange programs for the fall, only to realize the deadline was over a month and a half ago.
last night i had a Twenty-Something Shit Fest, and today i am simmering in it's leftover misery. 

it's like this:
[by delviking]

and this:


  1. bad days come & go. i'm glad this one was gone!
    thanks for following me, ladybug.

  2. exchange the 'was' for 'is'. losing my miiiiiiind.