11 March 2010

and the miracles continue!

so today, i did a terribly idiotic thing, and instead of being punished by the universe for my lack of common sense, i was saved! not in the jesus sense though. this will all make more sense if i give y'all some background information. unfortunately, some terrible things have happened to me and those around me. about a year or so ago, my car got broken into and my sunglasses, ipod, fm transmitter, digital camera, film camera, lenses and flash were all stolen. needless to say i was heart broken, and i am left with a deep fear of leaving my car overnight on riverside. i'm sure plenty of fellow austinites can attest that this is a perfectly rational fear. riverside is one thing, but you think you'd be rather safe at the new, living-dining-shopping area named the triangle. needless to say there are douchebags everywhere, no matter where you are in a city, and a coworker of mine recently got her car window smashed in while at work. also, about a month ago, i was parked at a meter downtown. i got a ticket. one minute after my time expired. ONE MINUTE AFTER. oh, and technology hates me, a lot. all of my mechanical things get broken or stolen or dropped in toilets or just decide to die merely because i own them. it's really great.

on to today.

so i've decided to drop a class that i've convinced myself i'm going to fail and don't put enough time aside for. dropping a class after the first 12 class days is not easy. you have to build up the courage to ask your professor to let you drop the class and sign the drop form, you have to get an advisor to sign it, if you're classified as a senior, which i am, and get the dean of your department to sign it. seems like a lot to me.

i drive to school in order to do this, leaving my car parked at a meter for an hour, plenty of time, so i think. i find the building and the room easy enough, get the advisor signature no big deal, and decide i'll need more time to work up the balls to tell my professor i want out. fred boy and i are due an adventure anyway, and we need to get on that. so i head back to my car. my car which is conveniently parked behind urban outfitters. i see the store on my way home, realize how quickly i've completed what i've come to do and decide to reward myself with perhaps some new shoes, which i've been wanting for foreeeeever. [see multiple previous posts about shoes]

i could easily spend a day in urban, but luckily i have a goal [and only about 45 minutes]. shoes, shoes only. doesn't stop me from walking through the sales racks looking for things i just have to have. thankfully, it's mostly all winter stuff, and i'm not so crazy to buy winter things when spring's just now arriving. i try on two pairs of shoes and while i'm slipping the second one's off contemplating the purchase i decide to check the time, no way it's been an hour. on wait, it's 10 minutes after i should be back at my car. HOW DID I SPEND 45 MINUTES TRYING ON TWO PAIRS OF SHOES?

i completely disregard my anxiety towards buying things and purchase the shoes. they are awesome, and i am glad i had to make a rash decision because otherwise i would probably have talked myself out of these beauties:
via urban

so i run out of the store with my new purchase, turn the corner, cross the parking lot, and thankfully i see  that my car is without a ticket!! woo!! then panic sets in. MY PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW IS NOT THERE. OH MY FUCKING GOD. did they steal all my things? is there going to be glass all inside my car? how could this happen? is this punishment for my second expired meter? 

as i get closer to the car, i realize that no one broke in, I AM AN IDIOT, and i have left my passenger side window rolled down. all the way down. even better? the compartment where i keep my iPod is WIDE OPEN. guess i forgot to close that too. AWESOME.

i get in my car to realize that i must have done something right, or the universe just felt really sorry for me for being such an idiot because all of my stuff is intact as well as clearly visible. or maybe a thief was going to steal my iPod, but he felt intimidated by the inscription my brother, who gave it to me as a most awesome gift this christmas, had them engrave. it says, "Allison's Ipod. Don't you f'n lose this!" or maybe he was worried that i might experience extreme consequences as a result of losing it. [what a caring thief!] 

i then returned home very thankful and feeling very dumb to retrieve the Fred. we are now at Spiderhouse enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather. Fred boy's attracting strangers with his tiny cuteness, and i'm having some chips and salsa and a Caipirinha. if you've never had one, i'd recommend it, but they're most tasty in Spain. it's a Brazilian drink so i feel like they'd probably do a great job in Brazil too. just an assumption. 

enjoy your day! [and my quasi-duck face]

-allison and fred

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